Top 8 Workout Plan Apps Android

What about apps that help you plan your workout? There are plenty of fitness apps out there, but only a handful of these are effective when it comes to actively planning a workout and sticking to it, so we thought we’d create a list dedicated to this particular area. Now, I suppose what you’re looking for from one of these apps changes depending on what kind of fitness person you are: if you’re the kind that visits the gym each day then chances are you’ll need something a lot more specific and customizable, whereas those that are simply looking to lose some weight in time for Christmas with the odd exercise session will want something more basic and accessible. For the record, with this list we’re looking to cover all angles and include apps that are good for beginners as well as pros. But there are many different fitness apps out there on Android that help you to devise a workout plan, so chances are we missed something. If so, why not let us know in the comments section below?

8. FitStar (Free)

There are many fitness apps that offer a personal trainer feature that is designed to guide you through the workout process, but few apps are based around this idea or formed upon it. See FitStar as a good example: the app basically functions like your own personalized digital training coach, adapting its own built in routines and exercise patterns in order to suit your own level or physical capabilities. This is great in that it ensures you will never be made to do anything that is beyond your current level, and it presents a learning curve that is actually a lot more manageable than that seen in other apps. It’s quite customizable in that you can alter intensity and duration to whatever you wish, which shows an adaptability to your own needs that you might not get with other workout plan apps. You can then rate the difficulty of the workout, so that the app learns what your limits are and can suggest something more applicable in the future.  – Download from Google Play

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7. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute (Free)

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is one that will suit both beginners and veterans, and is designed to guide you through their 7 minute workout plan in the most painless way possible. While this may well suit those who are simply looking to find a workout plan and lose a little weight, those who already work out and want something more specific or detailed may want to look elsewhere. There are regular routines and more advanced routines of different durations and intensity, as well as useful videos that are designed to help you learn how to do the exercises even if you’re the kind of person who is new to the gym. Then there is the Smart Workout feature which acts almost like a personal trainer and encourages you to keep going. – Download from Google Play

6. Fitocracy (Free)

Then there is Fitocracy, which is basically the fitness app that brings the most social aspects to the table. As we all know, you can invest in thousands of dollars of apps and accessories for working out but it’s all really about your motivation, and Fitocracy seems to know that very well. The app uses a combination of different approaches, from peer pressure to gamification in order to encourage you to get out there and start exercising. It’s an excellent source of advice and allows you to interact with people who might be in the same boat as you, then push each other on in order to exercise regularly and get in shape. – Download from Google Play

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5. Nike+ Training Club (Free)

The Nike+ Training Club app is also a nice option if you’re looking for a mobile resource that will help you to plan and carry out an effective workout routine. The app is full of videos and info that can really come in handy for beginners, amateurs and veterans alike. – Download from Google Play

4. JEFIT (Free)

JEFIT is one of those workout apps that I’ll admit to not having tried before embarking on this list, so at the very least it’s been educational for me, too! is a popular resource for those that workout seriously, engaged in strength or aerobics training or bodybuilding. The site is loaded with informational material for such people, and the app does a good job or relaying a lot of this info in mobile app form. You can look through the different workout routines to find something that suits what you need, whether you are trying to improve your biceps or quads or just want to start exercising and get in shape again. The app comes with all these instructions indexed, as well as a workout planner and an exercise log, a progress tracker, different kinds of timers that are great for when you want to work out but don’t want to keep checking the time to see if you can finish.  – Download from Google Play

3. Strava (Free)

The Strava running and cycling app is one that I wasn’t aware of until covering the Apple Watch recently and finding out that it’s one of the few fitness apps to initially make that jump to Apple’s new wearable product. But what about the Android version of the app for smartphones and tablets? Well, it does exactly what you might expect, and isn’t so much concerned with planning fitness workouts but planning a course for your running or cycling. So if you’re the kind of person that likes to exercise in this way and wants to create a workout plan, then the Strava app might be right up your street! – Download from Google Play

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2. Sworkit Lite (Free)

Sworkit is named after the phrase Simply Work It, which one presumes is a way of telling you to stop procrastinating and get up off your sofa to do some exercise. The Sworkit Lite app or Android is a great app for those looking to create their own targeted workout routines, and is very much like a workout wizard in that it takes your specs into account and then comes up with the best regime for you. You can decide to build strength, do yoga, cardio related exercises, simple stretches, pilates and a whole lot more. And the custom option offers a great deal of range in terms of what you want. So if you’re a beginner then all the material is here to create a light workout plan, perhaps based around some simple streteches. And if you’re a pro then the app has the kind of customization options that you’ll be looking for. – Download from Google Play

1. Runtastic (Free)

Once the dust has settled, I’d have to say that Runtastic is still my favorite fitness app for Android. This might be a biased choice since most of my workout sessions involve running and jogging, but the app is an excellent way to track lots of different activities including biking and swimming, too. It’s the one fitness app out there that seems to have it all, from route planning to routines and a whole lot more besides. – Download from Google Play

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