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I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions my love for the website YouTube, not only as a medium for sharing things but when it comes to finding content that you couldn’t find elsewhere. The fact that the massive archive that you have access to with YouTube is free is I suppose a testament to the idea that ads can fill in the gap left by revenue from purchases, and I hope it remains that way into the future. There is however always one article that you come across every year that warns the immediate arrival of a “paid version” of YouTube, with the free version scaled back in terms of content and accessibility. And each time I hear this, I wonder how many people will bite the bullet and invest. I mean, YouTube is excellent and is a great way for you to sell your product, if your product happens to be in any way visual, but couldn’t we start by charging those that make a huge profit off it rather than the average Joe just looking for an obscure song or old movie trailer? Either way, we recently put our heads together and came up with a few YouTube alternatives. You know, just in case!

8. Vodio (Free)

I guess that Vodio would be one of the best places to start as a potential YouTube alternative, since it has a huge amount of video content available and also does things slightly differently. Yes, with this ap you get things arranged into channels and categories, meaning that the description of it as a video magazine is actually quite apt. You can swipe left and right within the app to look at different channels, then up and down to browse the invidual videos on each channel. I guess this is a nice alternative for those who typically stick to the most watched videos, such as pop music videos and the latest movie trailers or sports highlights. For everything else however, Vodio pales in comparison! – Download from iTunes

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7. Showyou (Free)

I’d say that of all the video streaming apps we came across that could potentially be considered YouTube alternatives, Showyou is perhaps the most social. It presents you with a basic grid of videos to choose from, each of which is sorted into different categories. As mentioned however, it really exceeds when tied in to your Facebook or Twitter account, since the app goes out and grabs the latest video content in your feeds and then presents that as part of the interface. This means that it is a great way to share and move around content, if you’re sick of trawling through your feeds in search of something new and would rather find video content rather than images or whatever. – Download from iTunes

6. Hulu Plus (Free)

I suppose that we should also consider the TV and movie streaming apps out there as viable candidates for users to move to after switching from YouTube. I mean, while the latter is free and these apps come at a often quite hefty price, the quality of the content you can get hold of is the best, since HD streaming is now becoming the norm. Searching through YouTube for the latest official videos can be met with recurring “video removed” messages or terrible image quality, but that’s not the case with official app slike Hulu Plus. Whether you are into watching TV or movies, keeping up with the latest shows or checking out new movie releases, Hulu is a great app to have. – Download from iTunes

5. Netflix (Free)

Ditto with Netflix, which offers something of an improvement on Hulu Plus both on the quality of the content you can get your hands on and the quantity. No paid streaming app boasts the kind of content that Netflix has these days, and I’d say it’s well worth the price of subscription – just as long as you watch a certain amount of films or TV shows each week. – Download from iTunes

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4. Dailymotion (Free)

Moving back away from the paid TV and movie streaming services like Netflix and back towards something that really resembles YouTube in many ways, I guess  Dailymotion is actually more of a content aggregator rather than a video sharing site. There are lots of user made videos, but you will find a lot more professional quality content that is pushed forward, simply because these are the guys who pay! When it comes to sharing stuff, the site supports most of the bigger file formats but does restrict storage capacity in a way that some users will find offputting. I think that the last time I checked, the max size was 150 mb and the length was 20 minutes. There are HD options that can be unlocked with a pro account. – Download from iTunes

3. TED (Free)

For many people, YouTube is simply a vast array of different cat videos or people doing stupid stuff, and the comments section for each video just compounds this feeling. You can rift through the crap in order to find something of substance, but TED is an app that offers all of this in abundance. If you are the scholarly type and regularly watch interviews or news related shows or presentations on a variety of different subjects, then the TED app is the one for you. For those that have not before experienced a TED talk, they basically invite lots of different leading people from different fields, and ask them to talk on their particular subject of interest. It’s a place where intelligent conversation is encouraged, unlike the dreaded YouTube comments sections! – Download from iTunes

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2. Vevo (Free)

If on the other hand you are the kind of user that browses pop videos on YouTube and little else, you will find one name popping up again and again. That is Vevo, and it seems as though just about every big artist these days has their own account, full of HD videos and exclusive content. Well, for those who love this kind of stuff, then the good news is that Vevo have their very own official mobile app. It currently represents the largest collection of premium official music videos on the planet, so if you only care about the latest big name video to be released to YouTube, then this is definitely the app for you!  – Download from iTunes

1. Vimeo (Free)

There is one alternative that seems to stand out above all the rest, however, and has only reached the point that it is at new because it doesn’t allow a lot of the content that you will find on YouTube. That is of course Vimeo, which is the place to be if you are the kind of person that creates video content, either as a film director or music video editor. The app is one of the best out there for sharing content, and even its free account limits are a lot higher than other sites in terms of maximum video size and length. Vimeo also does the whole community thing well, regularly shining the spotlight on creative contributors and always introducing you to exciting content outside of the mainstream. – Download from iTunes

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