TransferGo, Remitly, and Wise – A Comparison

When you’re planning to send money abroad, you’ll need to decide which method to use. There are several great options available, but you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each. This article will compare TransferGo, Remitly, and Wise. This comparison will help you make the best choice based on your own needs. Once you have decided on which method to use, you can begin transferring money.


One of the best ways to send money overseas is through an online payment service, such as Transferwise. This service lets individuals, businesses, and legal entities send and receive money worldwide. It offers cheap, fast, and secure transfers for a variety of currencies. It can also be used for international payments – such as paying a freelancer or supplier overseas. There are a number of other benefits as well, including low fees and transparent pricing.

The service offers a wide range of currencies, from USD to local currencies. Its customer support team speaks several languages, and its service takes only a few minutes to set up. While Wise and TransferGo have different pick-up fees, their rates are nearly identical. To make a payment, users must first verify their identity. To do this, they must complete a profile, which requires providing their nationality, date of birth, and e-mail. They must also provide their home address.

The company has received funding from several sources. A recent round of funding saw the company sell EUR6 million to Nordic Secondary. In addition to expanding their product offering, TransferGo has plans to double their headcount in the next two years. The company will also be opening new offices and developing new payment options. In September, the company plans to sell a $50 million Series C investment. The funding will help them build new offices and introduce new features, including digital wallets.

Wise is a London-based international money transfer provider that formerly went by the name Transferwise. The company was founded by two best friends and has expanded its services into international money transfers. With transparent fees and low exchange rates, it is one of the most affordable providers on the market. It also offers Mastercard debit cards and multi-currency account services. One downside is that Wise does not accept cheques or cash, and it does not support all currencies and countries.

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Wise is a payment service that makes it easy to transfer money between bank accounts. The service is easy to use and offers a secure transfer process. Wise charges just $7 USD for debit card receipts and PS5 GBP or EUR6 EUR for credit card receipts. Wise charges between 3.8% and 1.25% for credit card transactions. Wise is based in Germany and is a great choice for transfers between Europe and the US.

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The main difference between TransferGo and Wise is their fees. TransferGo offers a free money transfer option, but Wise has a competitive fee structure. It also doesn’t charge exchange rate fees, and charges based on mid-market rates. Wise also allows you to estimate fees online. Simply enter the amount and country, and Wise will calculate the fees for you. Although Wise is less expensive than TransferGo, it’s still competitive, with more products and more features.

Unlike many other money transfer services, Wise also has a mobile app. The mobile app is highly-rated by Wise users, and the website is easy to navigate. Wise is designed to be convenient for U.S.-based users who want to transfer money overseas. The service offers low fees, easy registration, and fast delivery for transfers made with credit or debit cards. The website is easy to use and has an extensive FAQ section.

TransferGo is a great option for international money transfers. It can process international payments within three days and has no daily limit. Wise, meanwhile, offers a million-dollar transfer limit per transaction. It’s important to note that Wise and TransferGo have similar transaction calculators, but Wise offers more detailed information. Wise also has a help center that provides detailed information. In addition to these features, Wise accepts bank card payments.

TransferGo offers a low-cost service that allows customers to make payments in any currency. The fee ranges from 0 to 2.2%. For most people, TransferGo offers the most competitive price and service. The standard delivery option costs only 0.99 Euro, while fast delivery options cost just 1.49 Euro. The standard delivery option promises next day delivery. These fees are reasonable for a low-cost money transfer. They are also available throughout Europe.

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Remitly is a leading remittance service that allows users to send and receive money to over 40 countries. The service is free, fast and secure. It uses retail locations in developing countries to reduce opportunity cost for recipients. Remitly partners with over 12,000 locations in Mexico. Because its network is so large, you can be sure that your recipient will receive the money on time. You can also see the progress of your transfer through SMS alerts.

Remitly and Xoom both have their advantages and disadvantages. Remitly supports a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, and Xoom offers local payment networks in many countries. Remitly is a transferwise transfergo partner, and it offers a free mobile app. However, the service is less secure than Xoom and PayPal. Both Xoom and Remitly offer bank-level security and good customer support.

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Remitly and TransferGo offer the same services, but both have distinct advantages. While both companies use RippleNet, an international payments network of more than 300 banks, TransferGo uses the XRP cryptocurrency token. The transfer takes only a few seconds to complete and costs pennies, making it faster than SWIFT. Unlike other transfer services, Remitly’s partnership with Coinbase only began in Mexico on Feb. 15. Coinbase customers can now transfer crypto to Remitly, allowing the two companies to offer a single platform.

Remitly and Xoom offer similar services, but Xoom offers more options and lower exchange rates. Xoom offers bill payment and mobile airtime topping. Xoom charges lower exchange rates, but users should factor them in when comparing Remitly and Xoom. Xoom is an excellent option for sending money to countries where Remitly is not available. It also offers an attractive range of payment methods and international payments.

Wise and Remitly both have excellent reputations as money transfer services. Both are regulated and registered with the United States Department of Treasury. Remitly is also regulated by relevant authorities in other countries. They use the best security measures to prevent identity theft. The website of both services is fully secure. With Wise, you’ll get the best deal. The process of sending and receiving funds is simple and secure.


Wise and TransferGo are both popular payment systems for international transfers. Both charge low commissions and offer convenience. You can send and receive money through your smartphone, with very low fees. Wise charges a fixed exchange rate with a small markup, which is much lower than the typical credit or debit card fees. The fee for making a batch payment is also lower than the cost for an ACH transfer. Both transfer services also offer options for business accounts and multiple currencies.

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As a fintech company, Transferwise has had trouble getting approval in some countries due to the lack of regulation. In the US, for example, remittances through banks are not allowed, and the company’s founders say this can take time. In some countries, outward remittances are prohibited as inward flows far outnumber outflows. In these countries, companies like Transferwise are required to maintain prefunded foreign currency accounts with correspondent partners.

Wise has no daily limit, but it has lower minimums. Wise is the preferred method for sending large amounts of money to a foreign country. The company is also expanding to emerging markets. It plans to offer digital wallets and overdrafts. With the help of Siena Secondary Fund, it will expand its operations and build new payment options. The company is expected to sell a $50m Series C investment in September 2021. The funding round took nine months, but the pandemic made fundraising a bit more difficult.

Wise is the gold standard for money transfer companies. With real-time rates, low fees, and transparency in every transaction, Wise sets the standard for money transfer companies. Wise also offers more products and features. And TransferGo offers a free money transfer option, which is always a plus. Both companies are excellent options for borderless accounts. The main difference between Transferwise and TransferGo is the price. Wise is much cheaper, while TransferGo has a free option.

Once you have verified your account, you can transfer funds to your Wise account. It can take a few days for your money to reach your destination, but it is worth it in the long run. To transfer money with Wise, login to the ‘Activity’ page and choose the currency and method of payment. Then, enter your card details and click ‘Pay’. Your money will arrive at the destination country’s bank account.

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