Twitter’s media storage Guide

This article introduces Twitter’s media storage. If you want to know how to delete media storage, advantages and disadvantages, please read to the end.

What is Twitter media storage?

Media storage on Twitter is the space that stores data on Twitter (sometimes called cache).

Media storage (cache) is a mechanism that temporarily saves posted images of tweets that you have seen once on your smartphone, and quickly displays them when you open the posted image of the tweet on Twitter again. increase.

Advantages and disadvantages of deleting Twitter media storage (cache)

Here are the pros and cons of deleting Twitter’s media storage (cache).

Benefits of clearing Twitter media storage (cache)

  • Lighter movement (moves smoothly)
  • Free space (storage) increases

If you use Twitter for a long time, the media storage (cache) will accumulate and the operation will become slow. Since the capacity increases steadily, it is a good idea to delete it when you feel that the operation is slow.

Disadvantages of clearing Twitter media storage (cache)

  • It takes a long time to load images posted in tweets

There is no particular disadvantage to deleting Twitter’s media storage (cache). I mentioned that it takes a long time to load the posted image of the tweet, but if you are in a normal internet environment, you will not be bothered by the slow image display speed.

How to clear Twitter media storage (cache)

Follow the steps below to delete Twitter media storage. Please help us.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy.
  3. Click “Data usage and settings”.
  4. Select “Media Storage” in the “Storage” section.
  5. Click “Delete Media Storage” to complete the deletion.
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In this article, we introduced Twitter’s media storage (cache).

I would appreciate it if you could send out useful information for those who read it even a little. Until the end Thank you for reading.

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