Wix vs WordPress

The internet is solely rooted in the notion that content is king. This is largely due to the fact that everything we see on the internet is made in such a way so that it should attract us to have more immersion. This is why websites use content that’s catchy and in-trend. Others make sure it is a lead generation magnet.

When building a website or publishing your own works on the web, many tools help you in doing so. Let it be blogs or other informative web pages, and you can avail the services of such tools to see your ideas come to fruition. This is why anyone who is in the process of starting their own website or blog would never go by without hearing the word “WordPress” even once.

WordPress had its set of competition over the years, many have not reached the position that WordPress has among the users, and hence they have all withered at some point of time. But, some contenders are doing a great job at what they do, and they have put some serious competition towards WordPress. One such service provider is Wix.

Wix is regarded as one of the best website builders available on the market. This is due to the advances they have brought into the game. Wix is made around the notion that not everyone knows coding this has helped them to create Wix as a tool for creating beautiful websites for those who do not know how to code. For users who are inexperienced in coding, which is many, this is something of a dream come true. Now you don’t have to go to the intricacies of website building to get your website up and running!

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But both WordPress and Wix have their share of pros and cons. This is why we are going to put them against each other see how to fare in a head to head comparison.

wix versus wordpress

Wix vs WordPress Pricing

WordPress: WordPress serves as an open source website builder. Hence you don’t have to pay for WordPress itself. But if you want to host your website, then you will have to buy a hosting plan. With the hosting plan, you will get your own domain and hosting services.

Wix: You can create a free account at Wix and start publishing your work without hassles. The only drawback to a free account is that Wix will host their in-house advertising on your web page. If you choose to go for a paid account, you can use your own domain, and the Wix ads will be removed from your web page.

Ease of use:

WordPress: If you know a bit of coding, WordPress provides the most flexible developer environment you can also use plugins to make yours much more attractive. Then again for a beginner, the aesthetics of the website depends on the template he/she has chosen. In editing the web page, you can’t just drag and drop stuff in WordPress; it takes a bit of a learning curve. If you know coding, then WordPress gives you full freedom over their tools.

Wix: Wix is built from the foundation to help those who aren’t well acquainted with coding. With Wix, you can create your website with no knowledge of coding as the tools helps you to drag and drop the required styles and effects.

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User support:

WordPress: With WordPress, help comes in the form of WordPress veterans. WordPress has got itself a large community that helps in solving and help out with queries. The forums and related topics hosted on WordPress are enough to help you out with any issues you face.

Wix: Wix has a dedicated customer care support facility. This helps you to get in contact with them very easily. Also, there is a training program called WixEd that will help you get the grasp of Wix in no time at all. The guide’s posted at Wix covers almost all the confusing bits of creating a website.


WordPress: if you know your hand at coding, then WordPress becomes the increasingly attractive option as there are a ton of customizable themes and templates for you to modify and edit. Another key characteristic of WordPress is that it provides thousands of free plug-ins for you to add to your website.

Wix: Wix does not entertain open source plug-ins to be used on the website. All the plug-ins are monitored closely, and you can’t modify the available tools as only developers have access towards modifying them. This also implies that if you ever face an issue with plugins or tools, the dedicated customer care is there to iron out the discrepancies as they come.

Which one should you choose?

WordPress and Wix, both have their ups and downs. But if you are not versed in coding and need a carefree approach to website building with 24/7 customer support, then Wix is the one that’s best for you. Hence if you are a beginner, Wix is the best place to start hands down.

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When you need a need a website where you can add a lot of features and technicalities, WordPress is up to the job provided you know how to code those features into the system. Enjoy the thousands of free plug-ins and unlimited control over the content!

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